Official Latios art

Category: Eon

Latios is a bird-like, dragon Pokémon with an aerodynamic body. The lower half of its body is blue with jet-plane wings and fin-like feet. It has a red triangular marking on its chest. By tucking its wings and forelimbs, it can fly faster than a jet. It has white and blue arms that can be tucked into its body. The upper-half of its body is white. It has triangular ears and a blue face with a white oval in the middle. Latios is a male only species; Latias is the female counterpart.

In the fifth movie, Latios had the ability "Sight Sharing" (Japanese: ゆめうつし Dream Analysis) which allowed Latias and people around it to see exactly what Latios was seeing. Oakley also mentioned that it can shape-shift. It prefers compassionate Trainers, to whom it opens its heart. It uses telepathy to detect locations and the emotions of others, and can understand human speech. It lives by the water's edge. Latios is the only known Pokémon capable of learning Luster Purge.